Our Values

Beauty is Achieved Through the Well Implementation of Productive Ideas

Producing the most responsive to evolution and the most beneficial value for the humanity with the minimum depletion of resources of the community is the responsibility of the managements.

This is the only rule of “ethics”, which measures the management quality and creativity.

  • Yapı Merkezi always seeks and pursues beauty.
  • Yapı Merkezi likes beautiful, challenging and rewarding works which are open to innovation, creativity and which will yield good results.
  • A work / project done is achieved through the well implementation of productive ideas. Yapı Merkezi finds the most productive ideas; implements them well and in accordance with the right technique to get good results…
  • A work / project is only as good as its design work. For Yapı Merkezi, designer is the most important member of the project team.
  • A work / project can only be made as well as its plan and no more.
  • Yapı Merkezi makes creative planning and implements them well by means of its creative members.
  • A work / project is composed of ideas originating from several disciplines. Full well integration of ideas is of great significance. Ideas may be productive and unproductive or certain or uncertain in the beginning.
  • Yapı Merkezi considers the whole of the work and ensures the integration of ideas and establishes priorities and then focus on clarifying the uncertain ones…
  • Yapı Merkezi reflects the dignity of mankind and takes precedence unto the work. Yapı Merkezi safeguards the dignity of all parties involved in the project, not only its own.
  • Yapı Merkezi knows that mainly there is not a quality of work. The gifted individuals inside the company build the quality.
  • Yapı Merkezi’s every effort is to build a better civilization and to improve the quality of life.
  • There are no bosses at Yapı Merkezi; there are values
  • Yapı Merkezi in all its activities is united around the values and principles stated in this document with all its employees.
Taken from Ersin Arıoğlu’s presentation named “What should be the Yapı Merkezi’s business model in the coming years which comprise changes and uncertainties” in 09.02.2012