YAPI MERKEZİ moves upon the following quality policies by setting smart goals and determining the accurate roadmap, predicting risks and taking necessary precautions with a target-oriented team and leadership spirit;

  • Enhances customer satisfaction in any activity, hands over projects in planned time and budget, in required quality, meets the needs and expectations of customer,
  • Learns and develops new technologies and engineering methods with constant focus on development and continual improvement, competes with its knowledge and system superiority in order to be innovative and leading in its sector,
  • Promises to create value-added products and services to sustain its existence and achieve its targets,
  • Carries out all its projects in accordance with principles of Yapı Merkezi, project management framework and all applicable national and international legal requirements,
  • Builds and sustains compatible and competitive collaborations based upon mutual trust with its business partners, sub-contractors and suppliers,
  • Establishes processes in line with the Company strategy, vision and mission, monitors performance of the processes to support continual improvement,
  • Monitors and improves quality management system performance with a focus on continuous improvement,
  • In order to achieve Company targets; encourages innovative and creative approach of employees by increasing their technical and behavioural capability, provides technical training, education or experience and determines the resources needed,
  • In order to achieve intended results of the quality management system, evaluates risks and opportunities, enhances potential opportunities, prevents and reduces undesired potential impacts on the products and services.



YAPI MERKEZI, acts in accordance with the following aspects in order to achieve the targets determined by continuous improvement culture and follow a stable and systematic Occupational Health and Safety Policy during all the activities performed;

  • Provides a safe and healthy working environment for all concerned parties including its employees, subcontractors and communities in which it operates,
  • Its managers at all levels leads for providing and maintaining the continuity of safe and healthy working environments,
  • Uses all resources required to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases, eliminate the dangers identified, determine the risks and opportunities,
  • Records and examines all occupational accidents occurred, occupational diseases identified or all related potential incidents; and identifies, takes and follows all measures to prevent repetition,
  • Acts in compliance with the Employer’s contract terms, all related local and international legal regulations and other requirements of Occupational Health and Safety,
  • Takes necessary steps to establish a suitable advisory and communication system for employees, representatives of employees and all concerned parties and to ensure their participation in the system,
  • Ensures that employees, subcontractors and all concerned parties adopt the goal of “zero accident” as a culture and provides support, resource and training for continuous development of this culture,
  • Works with subcontractors and suppliers who meet its own Occupational Health and Safety standards and legal requirements.
  • Provides the resources required to follow, measure regularly and improve continuously the identified targets, performance of Occupational Health and Safety Management System,
  • Ensures to review Occupational Health and Safety policy at least once a year in order to maintain its compliance with all relevant requirements.



YAPI MERKEZİ adopts the following policies by aiming to avoid or reduce the environmental and social impacts of company activities and to leave a livable clean environment for the future generations with a growing environmental awareness;

  • Complies with the laws, regulations, all applicable national and international legal and environmental requirements, practices an effective environmental management system accepted by all levels of the organization in order to improve its environmental performance,
  • Acknowledges new standards and sets new goals with constant focus on development and continual improvement,
  • Aims to collaborate with suppliers having environmental awareness,
  • Requests from its business partners and sub-contractors to implement this policy, and tries to implement same or similar policy for related parties,
  • Aims to reduce and prevent potential adverse impacts on environment with a life cycle approach,
  • Takes actions to prevent possible environmental impacts arising from waste management and aims at recycling wastes,
  • While assessing the risks and opportunities, takes into consideration the emergency cases and all possible environmental aspects and impacts in order to reduce risks and result in opportunities,
  • Plans projects by considering energy efficiency and aims to reduce energy consumption,
  • Focuses on resource efficiency and avoids wastage,
  • Monitors environmental performance with continual improvement approach,
  • Works to create environmental awareness and ensures that all employees contribute to environmental protection,
  • Fulfills social responsibility requirements with all its stakeholders and business partners,
  • Considers to support sustainable use of resources while undertaking all its activities,
  • Minimizes the impacts of the projects on the affected communities by assessing social, environmental and health and safety risks and implementing mitigation measures,
  • Considers the needs and expectations of related parties, while carrying out all these activities and to benefit the affected communities,
  • Respects the values, views and rights of the affected communities. Contacts and establishes strong, open and fair relationships with affected communities. Implements engagement activities and discloses Project related information through appropriate and transparent means,
  • Respects cultural background of the affected communities and conducts activities avoiding impacts on tangible and intangible cultural heritage.



Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc.