• How can I apply for a job?
    Job applications must be made through our website (www.ymkazi.com).
    However, the hard copy of job application forms may be delivered by the Yapi Merkezi Technical Assessment and Training Center's (YM-TAT Center) social workers to the LGUs of the settlements affected by SGR construction where internet access is impossible.
    If you live in a location affected by the construction of the SGR:
    Please fill up the Yapi Merkezi job application form, which can be found in your local government office.
    Please note that job application forms are delivered to the LGU offices by YM-TAT Center's social workers when the project needs the workforce. (This means the job application forms might not always be available in the LGU offices).
    Remember to write your full name and NIDA number to the form, as written on your ID.
    Once you have filled up the form, please give it to YM-TAT Center's social workers at your local government office.
    Please remember that you can apply for a job through our website (www.ymkazi.com) without the LGU office or filling out our job application form.
  • Are job application forms for sale?
    The job application form is not for sale. Photocopied application forms will be rejected; avoid buying fake or photocopied application forms from scammers and fraudsters.
  • I am an LGU Leader; How can I get Job Application Forms for My Villagers?
    Please write an official request letter to ‘'Yapi Merkezi Technical Assessment and Training Center - Tabora’' and submit it to YM-TAT Social Team, the nearest TRC or Yapı Merkezi office. Your letter will be forwarded to the YM-TAT Center. The YM-TAT Center officials will evaluate your request and our social workers will contact you when the project needs manpower. Please remember that your residents can apply for a job through our website (www.ymkazi.com) without filling out job application form.
  • Application through the website:
    Job applications must be made through our website (www.ymkazi.com). This website has also Swahili language.

    The applicants must have a NIDA number and a valid contact number to apply for a job.
  • Can I submit my job application at SGR project site gates?
    No, you cannot submit your job application to the SGR project site gates. Please refer to answer of application through the website (please refer to the answer of How can I apply for a job? and other related answers).
  • Can I submit my application directly to the YM-TAT center?
    YM-TAT center does not accept direct (walk-in) job applications. Please refer to answer of application through the website (please refer to the answer of How can I apply for a job? and other related answers).
  • Can I apply for more than one job position at the same time?
    No, you can only apply for one job position.
  • I am a female, what job categories can I apply for?
    You can apply for all job categories.
  • I am a disabled person; can I apply for a job?
    Yes, you can apply for any job that does not affect you in any way.
  • I have been assessed /interviewed and failed; can I apply again?
    Yes, you can apply again. But, to consider the massive amounts of job applicants and the equal opportunity for everyone, applicants are not invited for a second assessment in the same year and our website system does not allow second time application in a year.
  • I have already worked with Yapi Merkezi; can I apply again?
    Yes, you can apply to Yapi Merkezi again. If you were not terminated for misconduct.
  • Can I change my job position since there is no open demand for the work I applied to?
    You cannot change your applied job position because our website system will not allow you to change your job position after your application. You may follow our website for opening job positions and apply for the job which fits you.
  • I am a driver, but my driver’s license expired. Can I apply for a driver's job position?
    Yes, you can apply for a driver position, and you can attend the assessment. But, if you pass, you will be required to renew your driver’s license before the employment process.
  • After my employment has been confirmed, will I work in my current location, or will I be assigned to a different location?
    Yapi Merkezi SGR Line project is a horizontal project. Therefore, the company may assign or relocate you to work in any location along the project line.


  • I have already applied; when will I be invited for an interview/assessment? We have sent applications, but why have we not yet been called for an assessment/interview?
    Employment depends on the workforce needs of the project. Therefore, assessment and interview activities are conducted per the project's demanded number and specific job positions. Recognising we are receiving a vast number of job applications, the YM-TAT Center cannot accommodate all job applicants. Moreover, scheduling assessments/interviews for every applicant is not easy.
  • I have already applied and have not yet been invited for an assessment. Can I apply for a job position again if I was not invited?
    Employment depends on the workforce needs of the project. Therefore, assessment and interview activities are conducted per the project's demanded number and specific job positions. Recognising we are receiving many job applications, the YM-TAT Center cannot accommodate all job applicants. You may apply again, but if your first application is already registered to our system, the second application will not be accepted by our website. So, you may wait a year to apply for another job position.
  • I have received a call inviting me for an assessment. How can I verify that the phone call is real and where is the Yapi Merkezi assessment center located?
    Job applicants will be informed about their appointment schedules through a phone call (please remember that providing a phone number registered under your name will protect you from fraud). These schedules will also be published on the bulletin board outside the YM-TAT Center building; therefore, applicants can verify by checking the YM-TAT Center Bulletin Board. The YM-TAT is at Malabi, Tabora.
  • I received a call asking for money for my employment or fast track of my application. Do I need to pay for my job application?
    Yapi Merkezi DOES NOT work with any recruitment company or individual recruiters. Yapi Merkezi DOES NOT charge or collect any amount for job application, assessment, employment, and fast-tracking applications. Therefore, please don't believe any person who gives a job opportunity or fast-track your job application by asking for money. Please BEWARE and REPORT ILLEGAL RECRUITERS to the LOCAL AUTHORITIES immediately!
  • I have been invited, but I did not attend the assessment on the schedule given to me. Can I be called again?
    Considering our busy schedule, we expect applicants to attend their assessments on time, as per their given schedule. If you cannot participate, you are expected to inform our call center through SMS so we can re-schedule your assessment. Applicants who do not give any information about absence or re-scheduling should expect that their appointment might not be re-scheduled.
  • Do you financially support candidates that you invite for an assessment or interview?
    We do not provide any financial support to candidates for an assessment or interview. This information is provided to the candidates by our call center agent before inviting them for an assessment or interview. Furthermore, it is the applicant’s own choice to proceed or not.


  • If a person is called for assessment, will he/she be assessed in Makutupora or Tabora?
    The YM-TAT center is in Malabi, Tabora; therefore, most job applicants are assessed in Tabora. However, depending on the work location, some assessments for certain job positions may be conducted in other sites. i.e., Itigi, Manyoni, etc.
  • I have been invited for assessment but got rejected during the verification section due to a contradiction in my name between my identity card, CV, and other application documents; what should I do?
    Every applicant must bring their original identity card and present it to our security and verification desk. Any applicants whose identity card contradicts their CV/application letter and other documents may be rejected. Sometimes, we may accept the applicant if they provide an affidavit of correction from the public notarization office.
  • After a person has been assessed/interviewed in Tabora and they pass, he/she goes to Itigi or other locations to be assessed /interviewed again, and if he/she is successful, why do they bring him/her back to Tabora also?
    YM-TAT Center is located at Malabi, Tabora. Some technical assessments can be done at the nearest site to the applicants, but applicants must go to Tabora personally to submit the required documents.

    Some applicants are nervous and anxious during the assessment. We do not fail those applicants right away. That is why we call some applicants for re-assessment. It is up to the applicant (who will be informed by the call center agent) to apply for a re-assessment or cancel his/her application.

    Some job positions require three or more levels of assessment. Most job positions require a minimum of two-level assessment; this is informed to the applicant by the call center agent; therefore, it is the applicants’ own choice to push through with his/her application or not.

    In any case, the applicant can backout from his/her application at any time.

  • I passed the pre-assessment and got invited for the second and/or third assessment, but I failed these. Do you consider me a failed applicant?
    Yes, unfortunately, we consider anyone who fails these assessments as a failed applicant. Our consideration for a successful applicant will be based on his/her final assessment result.


  • I am being invited for training, is it compulsory?
    Pre-employment training is compulsory.
  • What is pre-employment training?
    The purpose of pre-employment training is the exercise to develop your skills and demonstrate the work expected to perform in the project.
  • Do I need to pay for training?
    You do not need to pay for training; please remember that Yapi Merkezi is not charging any kind of fee from job applicants.
  • How long does training take?
    Depending on the job position, it may take between one to four days.
  • Do you provide transportation, accommodation, and meals during training?
    We do not provide transportation, accommodation, and meals for trainees.
  • After the training, will you employ me immediately?
    No, employment depends on the demand of the manpower of the project. Training does not guarantee your job.


  • What approach YM-TAT does the project use when hiring laborers?
    What approach YM-TAT does the project use when hiring laborers?

    Regardless of the job position, all applicants must undergo an assessment process. For laborers (unskilled and semi-skilled), we consider work location and hire laborers from nearby villages/locations. The demand for semi-skilled job positions for the project is limited. The project cannot employ all laborer and semi-skilled job applicants. The technical assessment of laborer and semi-skilled job positions is simple and covers some of the following criteria:

    • - Must know reading and writing (in Swahili)
    • - Can listen, understand, and follow the instruction of the assessors
    • - Can understand basic mathematics (four operations) and numbers
    • - Can understand directions, and so on.
  • Do I need to speak or understand the English language to apply for a job in the SGR project?
    English knowledge is only required for positions such as engineering or other professional positions. Otherwise, English knowledge is not necesessary.
  • Will the assessment be only in English, or will it also be in Swahili?
    Some job positions (mainly engineering and professional positions) require English knowledge. Most of the other job positions do not require any knowledge of the English language. For this reason, the language of the assessment depends on the job position.
  • What criteria are used for drivers? Why does someone with driving experience fail the assessment?
    Driving is a technical job and requires a high knowledge of safety. The company has a specialised knowledge and experience requirement for drivers and operators to protect its employees and the public from accidents. Consequently, driving assessments are done very carefully and meticulously. Most drivers fail this assessment due to poor driving ability, disregard for safety rules, etc.


  • Once a person is successful after being assessed or interviewed, how they will know about the next steps on their application?
    The YM-TAT has established a Call Center to provide proper guidance to the job applicants. Our call center agents give information about all the steps and processes required by job applicants. You are required to listen carefully and understand our call agent well.
  • How can I follow up with the status of my application?
    We do not give any information about the status of job applications through phone calls. You can follow up by sending an email to info@ymkazi.com

    You are required to provide your full name and NIDA number which you submitted upon your application. Emails without names and NIDA numbers will not be answered. You may expect a response in approximately 45 working days due to the heavy workload and overflow of inquiries.


  • I have already been assessed. When will I be invited to further employment processing?
    The employment process takes time and several steps; therefore, the YM-TAT Center conducts assessment activities per further workforce needs to ensure applicants are ready for employment. Depending on the project's workforce demand, you will be invited to the process of document requirements and so on.

    Being assessed, interviewed or trained for any job position does not guarantee your employment. Applicants are advised to go back to their living place and continue their daily activities until further notice from YAPI MERKEZI. Candidates are informed about this condition before being invited for an assessment. It is the applicant’s choice to accept this condition or not.

  • Approximately how many days will it take for my employment after being successful in the final assessment?
    Considering the documentation process, it takes approximately 18 to 21 days, provided there is a valid and approved workforce demand from the project management.
  • How will I know the status of my employment process?
    The YM-TAT has a call center that notifies candidates about their processing steps through a phone call. The YM-TAT advises applicants to provide their own, valid, and reachable phone number to receive information on time.
  • Why have I been rejected by your medical doctor due to eye problems, even though my eyes are well?
    The construction industry requires high safety measures. These measures are not only for employees but also for the public. Therefore, vision tests are crucial to us for the safety of the applicant, other workers, and the public, to avoid any accidents caused by sight problems.
    The vision tests are a pre-medical examination process that is performed by the Yapi Merkezi Medical staff.
    This pre-medical examination also aims to protect applicants from unnecessary expenses for employment documents, such as opening bank account, police clearance, transportation, and so on.
    If an applicant fails the vision tests, the YM-TAT Center Medical staff advises him/her to go for eye treatment and provide treatment documents before repeating the eye examination.
    Candidates who fail the vision tests may apply to repeat the test after getting the necessary treatment.
  • How come people from other villages have already been employed, but no one in my town is employed yet?
    Yapi Merkezi considers the employment of the villagers affected by the project.

    Additionally, Yapi Merkezi does not promise to employ all villagers or persons affected by the project because employment is limited to the project’s workforce needs.

    YM-TAT Center observe the signature and seal of the LGU authorities; therefore, we consider the applicant is residing in the village where they submitted the hard copy of job application form which signed and sealed by the LGU authorities (Please refer to the answer of How can I apply for a job? and other related answers).

  • Why do local people from a particular village not get jobs, but outsiders get jobs?
    Skilled workers are employed from all over Tanzania. Unskilled and semi-skilled workers may be hired based on the location where the workforce is needed (Please refer to the answer of and other related answers).
  • Why is employment priority not given to people affected by the project?
    The SGR project is for all Tanzanian nationals. Employment priority is not given to the specific persons affected by the project but it may given to the people who are residing at the construction affected locations (Please refer to the answer of How can I apply for a job? and other related answers).
  • How does the project help the youth in the village to get employment?
    The YM-TAT Center has developed assistant and helper job positions for youth to be employed on the project and develop their skills. Additionally, the YM-TAT Center may provide short trainings to help applicants develop their skills and prepare themselves for the project.
  • Can someone from a different village apply as a laborer/cleaner or any other semi-skilled position in another town?
    YM-TAT Center also accepts applications through website. All applicants may apply without passing by the LGU. However, YM-TAT considers the applicant’s residential locations and strictly requires a residential permit from the LGU for unskilled and semi-skilled job positions.
  • Can I use my NHIF card to get hospital treatment during medical invitation?
    Yes, you can use it.